Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ancestry Saturday: Where Was Grandpa Born?

My grandfather Richard Edward Platt's obituary said he was born in Youngstown, Ohio.  Every document I can find says the same thing ranging from his retirement article to his death certificate.  Nothing documents his birth though and Youngstown may not be right.

Once, my Aunt said her father was born in Meadville.  Meadville seems more likely.  His father ran the amusement park in Youngstown in 1914, but in the winter months they lived in Meadville at Grace Smith Platt's parents home.

So, which is it?  Youngstown or Meadville?  Ohio or Pennsylvania?  The answer is elusive.

The Youngstown City Health department has no record. 

The Ohio Birth Index has 386 people born in Ohio on March 7, 1914 but not one among them with a name even remotely resembling the name Richard Platt.

The Meadville answer has nothing to back it up either though.

Pennsylvania reports no record of his birth by that name or on that date either.  And the index can't be viewed by the public until the year 2020.

I may never know for sure.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ancestry Saturday: Being Lured In

A cousin who lives nearby sent me this photo of my fourth great grandmother's house. I've written before about discovering that Great Grandma Phebe's house was still around.

The photo is luring me in. I really want to go see this house!

Side by side with the sketch of the house from the 1880 History of Ross and Highland Counties book, it is easy to see the match and how little the place has changed.

Yep, road trip!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ancestry Saturday: I've Never Been to Bloomington, But. . .

. . .I feel like Bloomington's been to me.

Someone mentioned Bloomington, Illinois and McLean County, Illinois in regular conversation this past week.

I didn't chime in, but I thought to myself:  I've never been to Bloomington, but I have ancestors galore from there.

I came back and looked it up.  It's true.

My great grandfather Elmer Armstrong was born in McLean County in 1883.  His father, John McClure Armstrong was born there too, in 1861, and his mother, Isabelle Baylor Armstrong, was born there in 1862.

Best I can tell, all 12 of John and Isabelle's children were born in McLean County.

Many have died there, buried in Bloomington's Blooming Grove Cemetery.

I'll chime in next time.