Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ancestry Saturday: Odd Finds Along The Way

Looking for an obituary for a relative buried in Northwest Ohio, I found this tidbit.  The April 1879 story blames a fellow newspaper for the story "that a pig was born. . .with a face like a human child."

It doesn't, however, say whether the story was true.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ancestry Saturday: Family History on Vacation

I have to admit. My kids think Hurricane Arthur chased us from the east coast early so that's why we went and made a family history stop instead. Honestly, it was already planned. Arthur just accelerated things.

The stop at Hagerstown, Maryland brought us to the German Reform Church (now the Zion United Church of Christ) that has operated since 1700. It's the building where my fourth great grandparents were married in 1796. David Reitenaeuer and Anna Catherine Fiscus had at least one daughter, Susanna, also baptized there.

Some day my kids will appreciate setting foot where their ancestors did 218 years after the fact.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ancestry Saturday: Will The Real Harry Platt Please Stand Up?

I called Wava Platt to try to answer whether her grandfather Harry Platt was my great grandfather's brother. I had hoped the family trees and memorials were right, and I might find a distant cousin possessing of a stash of family photos or copy of a family bible.

Wava's doubt about Amos and Melinda Platt being her grandfather Harry's parents was enough for me to dig some more. I became convinced her Harry was not my Grand Uncle Harry, but without proof of parentage of either there were doubts.

Harry T. Platt is easily confused with J. Harry Platt. Both were born in Western Pennsylvania in 1874 time frame. J. Harry seemed to disappear from the Census about the same time as Harry T.

The recent publishing of the second round of Pennsylvania death certificates at helped answer the doubts.

Harry T. Platt's parents were Charles Clinton Platt and Rebecca Raker Platt. Those are Wava's great grandparents.

I owe her another phone call.