Saturday, May 9, 2015

Ancestry Saturday: Length of Lives

Today would have been my Dad's 72nd birthday had he lived this long.

Cancer took him at age 61, but his Platt bloodline was more often likely to live longer.

In fact, only one of the Platt men in his past back to his third great grandfather James Platt lived less.

James Platt was 80 years old in the 1830 Census and one source, the History of Oklahoma, says he lived until age 104.

His son, George lived until 1861 and 75 years. Amos made it to age 83.

It was Royal Platt who died the youngest at 58.

My grandfather, Richard, lived until 76.

The passing of generations, it seems, does not always bring longer lives.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ancestry Saturday: Preserving My 10th Great Grandparents' Wedding Site

The preservation of my 10th great grandparents' wedding site made Fox News on Wednesday.  That's pretty cool.

The exact location of the wedding of Pocahontas and John Rolfe on 5 April 2014 has been reportedly been discovered.  Plans call for an appropriate historical marker on the location of the event.

See the article at

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ancestry Saturday: Just Need to Convince The Unconvinced

A convincing 1900 Census record?
My great grandfather Andrew Alfred Baker's parents have been the toughest ancestors to research. 

I'm convinced his father's name is Michael Baker and his mother was Barbara Fries.  A wedding record of him and one for his sister are the keys to the proof.  I wish there were more, though.

I keep hoping that someone else holds some more keys.  I just need to find them and convince them to share.

My research shows he had two sisters that came to Germany with him and his mother.  One was Lizzie and the other was Lena.  Barbara, his mother, had married Jacob Albert before coming to America in 1884.  There were several Albert children, half brothers and sisters to Andrew.

The Albert cousins have been located and are convinced.  They don't have any more than me, though.

The Baker cousins have been hard to bring around.  What they have or don't have hasn't been shaken loose.

Lizzie married a Luebke, a Perger, and a Carson.  She died in Cleveland in 1941 and is buried in an unmarked grave at Calvary Cemetery there.

Lena I've never found.

Lizzie had at least one child with Fritz Luebke.  Their daughter Cora had four children.  However, all of them passed on without bearing children.  No relatives, thus, survive.

Fritz' son Frederick may have also been Lizzie's son.  He was born before Fritz and Lizzie were married so uncertainty abounds.  No birth record or baptismal record has been found to put the blood line to rest.

Though Frederick has several offspring, the offspring haven't researched their family roots or, at least, reached the same conclusions as me.

I contacted one who, initially, was intrigued by the connection.  His intrigue went away quickly, though, and I count him as now unconvinced.

Here's the data:

Multiple records tie Lizzie Baker to Barbara Fries and, thus, Michael Baker.

That same Lizzie was living with her son, or at least step son, Frederick Luebke in the 1900 Census next door to Barbara Fries and her second husband after Michael Baker died, Jacob Albert.  Next door!

When Frederick died, one of his sons witnessed the death certificate and noted his mother as "Elizabeth Unknown."  At least he acknowledged Elizabeth though.

I wonder out loud.  What's that one more thing I need to convince the unconvinced?