Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ancestry Saturday: Creeping on Cousins With a Purpose

His identify blurred, this is my mother-in-law's third cousin.  He lives just South of Columbus, Ohio.

I found him in his mother's obituary and connected him to William and Mary (Athey) Lane, two of my kids' ancestors who lived in the Columbus area.  Though I found a death record for both, I've never found where they were buried.  I've never found their parentage with certainty either.

So, I messaged this third cousin on Facebook, hoping he would refer me to a member of his family that does family history research and to see if we can compare notes.

My daughter calls that creeping.

I don't care what it is, if it works to put me further along on filling up the family tree.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ancestry Saturday: The Quest for Family Tree Photos

For the 30 ancestors in my five-generation family tree, I have photos for all but four. 
My great great grandparents Amos Platt, Melinda Milliron, Michael Baecker, and Barbara Fries were all born in an era where photography was common enough that photos of them existed.  Photos of them remain elusive to me though.

I'm hopeful the list of the missing could soon shrink to three.

There's no headstone at the burial plot in Cleveland for Barbara (Fries) Baker Albert, but there could be a photo of her coming soon.

In a couple of weeks, two of my newly-found second cousins descended from the Albert family are pledged to go through a box of unlabeled family photos and share them.  Though it's regretful the photos never got labeled, it's encouraging they were, at least, kept all these years.

My research uncovered photos of Barbara's son, my great grandfather Alfred Baker, with his wife and daughters.  I've shared these.

Another passed-down family story is that Barbara always wore black.  My cousins knew that.

Photos of my grandmother Dena (left) and her sister Adele (right) could be clues to their paternal grandmother's identity.
The combination could be strong clues to figuring out who Barbara was. 

Surely, if there are photos of Barbara, it stands to reason that some of her oldest grandchildren, my grandma Dena and her sister Adele, would be in them.  My grandma was born in 1908 and her grandmother lived until 1935.  There's 27 years worth of potential photos to match.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ancestry Saturday: Family Tree Convergence

One cemetery in Northwest Ohio has the burials of relatives from both branches of my kids' family tree--their mom's and their dad's.  Since neither their mom or dad lived in Northwest Ohio, that's happening against some pretty narrow odds.

The kids' third great grandmother on their mom's side, Mary Jane (Daniels) Brooks, died in 1920 and is buried at Weaver Cemetery.  Her family migrated to Southern Wood County in the late 19th century.

Not far away in the same cemetery, their dad's side has a burial too.  My first cousin, 3X removed, McClelland Smith is buried there.  His grandfather, Laban Smith, was my fourth great grandfather.

My second great grand uncle, David F. Platte, is buried a few miles north of this location too.  More convergence.

Making this convergence all the more unusual is that Bloom Township in Wood County isn't near anyplace that should be considered the roots of our family.  The oil industry in this part of Northwest Ohio was likely the magnet for all this convergence, but it's unusual nonetheless.